Earth Cafe Reviews Nice Things People Say

We're very passionate about what we do at the Earth Cafe, and we hope that comes across in the food and service we offer.

Here are some of the nice things people have said:

Service is almost always friendly and enthusiastic with in-depth answers to any questions you might have.

Time Out

Here you'll eat well in the knowledge that you're eating right.

Lonely Planet

The selection of food here is excellent and very tasty, the laid back style of the cafe is really nice and the staff welcoming and helpful. Well worth a visit

Rosie P, Trip Advisor

If you are aiming for vegetarian/vegan food in a relaxed atmosphere this place is great. Good choice of tasty food… Welcoming staff... Nice atmosphere

Handif, Trip Advisor

The cafe is a great place for lunch, tea, catching up with friends and just generally bringing balance back to your diet and life.

Jonny Q, Yelp
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